Japanese papers

Japanese papers
I don’t know where I can buy them here, but I want to note different Japanese papers for reference, based on matching the numbers from trial pack from Lawrence’s in Hove.

Botan: (2343) 53gsm bamboo and wood pulp, smooth and shiny on one side, Ingres marking on the other. “Inexpensive”

Bamboo: (2342) 175 gsm- no grain- soft. Smaller sheets and double price of Botan.

Kizuki 4 Monme (2341): 24 gsm Very delicate, transparent, Ingres marking, visible fibres. Deckled edges.

Masa (2344): 86 gsm “Student” paper. Shiny and smooth on one side, soft on the other. Very white.

Sunome Senaka (2470): 72 gsm. Ingres marking on one side, smooth on other, pale cream coloured

Sekishu (2410): 34 gsm. Soft on both sides. deckled edges.hand-made. expensive.

Gampi Silk tissue (2402): 12 gsm. Incredibly delicate. Very smooth.

Kanoko: (2366) Smooth on one side, soft on other, deckeld edges.

Hosho (2340): 77 gsm “Ideal for woodblock printing” soft strong. Not too dear.

Hosho shi white (2391) 56 gsm, dearer than the above

Kozo shi (2315) 23 gsm Deckled edges, visible fibres.

In fact, when I go to the art shop here, there are two types of Chinese papers to choose from: a thin one, very like tissue paper, white, and a thicker one, quite soft with a grain, cream-coloured. Both called rice paper. Not identified by weight.

Good reference for Japanese papers and their Chinese equivalents: Paul Griffith’s blog:



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