Event Horizon by Antony Gormley | Event Horizon


This installation, unusual in Hong Kong in that the art is not for sale, was a brilliant idea. Asking Hong Kong people to look up is in itself fantastic, and making people consider their place in space and time, even better.

This type of art draws my attention to the importance of the site, of the way it interacts with people and place, and the way it forces engagement. There were two statues at ground level, one in a very busy location, right in the middle of a pavement, and it must have been collided with countless times by people on mobile phones. Many probably mumbled “excuse me”  and moved on, making a point, despite their not perceiving it, of how  we in a busy city make other people objects, obstacles. The single most annoying thing for most of us in this city is a person walking at the wrong pace on a pavement, as our lives are all about movement, doing, going. This installation invited us, in fact challenged us instead to be.



Author: chrisocaprintingblog

Studying visual arts part-time with the Open College of the Arts

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