Bankside Gallery: Sally McLaren: In Search of Stillness

This was a lovely exhibition, including prints which have really inspired me to go and try collographs. I particularly liked the prints that featured collographs that had been cut into separate shapes, something I tried with my “Greying” series. McLaren’s images are semi-abstract landscapes, and the collograph technique gives them unique textures. McLaren studied printmaking under Stanley Hayter.


There was no information on the techniques, but this looks like a combination of collograph, drypoint  or perhaps lithograph… I think I can try it with gel and drypoint on Perspex.

Her painted landscapes remind me a little of Richard Diebenkorn’s, but they’re softer, more lyrical, with their glowing colours and painterly marks. She also uses mono printing and drypoint techniques in a minimalist way, on a large scale.

Besides that, the colours and the subject matter were calming and meditative. I enjoyed this one very much  (and appreciated the gallery shop too, which had a brilliant selection of books on printmaking).




Author: chrisocaprintingblog

Studying visual arts part-time with the Open College of the Arts

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