Assignment 6: Out of the light, into the shadows | Tate

An inspiring article for Assignment 6, which is to be based on making images with light.

The idea of a “photogram” is back to basics, and perhaps an appropriate response to the “post-truth” era of digital manipulation of images. With a photogram, you get a life size version of the imprint an object makes on photographic paper. I hunted down some black and white paper, and chemicals to have a go at fixing them – I don’t know enough about the technicalities though and ended up overexposing all that I made, and so ending up with “dark” photos, which are nevertheless quite interesting. 

I didn’t take photos during the exposure-well, you can’t when it’s light sensitive- so just have a couple of snaps of temporary images:

 Lumen prints


  It’s something that would take a lot more time and study than I have at the moment, and I think I’d need to attend a workshop in alternative photography to find out more. 


Author: chrisocaprintingblog

Studying visual arts part-time with the Open College of the Arts

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